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Alex Nogués was born in Barcelona in 1976. He is a Geology graduate from UAB with a postgraduate degree in Hydrogeology from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and another one in Nutrition from the University of Barcelona. Alex has published science fiction stories as: Inmortaliza 756, Symbios y Examen de Conciencia in the Redes magazine. He has as well published jointly with photographers Noemi Lopez and Marc Villalba, the original book of ‘photo-stories’ ‘La cámara de escribir’. Alex’s is currently focused on children’s literature, fantasy and science fiction style.

Foto DGV1


Daniel Gómez Visedo (Madrid, 1961) is a bachelor of laws by the “Autonomy University of Madrid”. He has completed his formation realising marketing’s courses, big count’s management in United States, Britain, Holland and Spain. His professional activity has been developed in insurance sector, where he has alternated key account manager, business address, I+D direction and general direction’s responsibilities in different enterprises. He usually imparts training courses and he collaborates in media sector. Daniel has lived in Colombia, where he has headed the first bank assurance’s project in that country. Nowadays he is the Europe Assistance’s Business’ Director (Generali Group).

Daniel P Espinosa 1


Daniel P. Espinosa (Madrid, 1973) was a finalist at IX Minotauro Novel Awards with Nekromanteia, this contemporary necromancy novel published by Dolmen Editorial (2013). He is a writer, corrector and professor in literary workshops. His other publications include the novel Aplaudan al salir (23 Escalones, 2012), and stories in several anthologies Leyendas Urbanas (Universo, 2013), Fantasmagoria (Tombooktu, 2013), No eres bienvenido (Pastilla roja, 2013), Peta Z (Sportula y Dolmen, 2013) Antología Z vol.6: Todos los santos (Dolmen, 2012) and Calabazas en el Trastero: Empresas (Saco de Huesos, 2012), among others in Madrid, Barcelona and Buenos Aires from 2003. He has also been published in magazines ArtifexNarrativasEl Humo (Méjico), NGC 3660 and Yambria. and has worked as comic book and radio novel writer.



Diego P. Carpeño was born in Madrid at 1965 in the genuine neighbourhood of Chamberí. After a short time at school he began to work at 14 in a little family company. The 92’s economical crack reconverts his profession from glazier to taxi driver. Since he left school prematurely he is self-taught. He has put together a wealth of different knowledge. In his first book Anécdotas de taxistas, edited by Cúpula (Grupo Planeta) and Círculo de Lectores with over 6,500 copies sold, Diego reflects the life experiences that more than twenty years on that profession procured him.



Ezequiel Teodoro was born in Ceuta, although his work, as a journalist, led him to live in Málaga, Seville and Madrid, his current residency. He has written short stories since adolescence.Since beginning his professional career he has worked in various local and national media. In 2011 he published El Manuscrito de Avicena. The book reached number eight at the most sold list in Amazon with 11.000 downloads.

Franco Chiaravalloti


Franco Chiaravalloti (Buenos Aires, 1979. Throughout his life he has been a professor of Spanish in the African jungle and in the British capital. . He has lived in England, Argentina, Italy, Kenya. He has travelled through Mongolia, India, Siberia and Japan. However this does not necessarily happened in this order.In 2007 he wrote a book of style for the publisher  Círculo de Lectores. In 2009 published a collection of stories Como un cuentagotas que se presiona suave, muy suavemente.



Javier Hernández (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 1968) works as a lawyer and officer in the Local Administration. He is a writer who analyses society and he uses literature to tell us what is happening around him and which are its causes, because he has the ambition of wake up people’s consciousness. He thought that memory is the real society’s legacy and he reflects that in his novels: El fondo de los charcos (finalist of Benito Perez Armas Award in 2009), Los días prometidos a la muerte (Canarias Lee 2012 program) or El sueño de Goslar (Santa Cruz Ciudad leída 2013 program and Red de Biblioteca). He has published Un camino a través del infierno with M.A.R. Editor. With this novel, Javier was finalist in the International Thriller Award L’H Confidencial 2013 and he got the jury’s Special Mention.



Jon Igual Brun (Bilbao, 1983) graduated in Computer Science at the University of Deusto. After two years practising in Dublin,  Jon went to Barcelona, where he attended various workshops in creative writing.  In 2010 he published the stories La mujer de rojo y esmeralda at the literary anthology Cuento Atrás (Ed. Hijos del Hule) and began writing the first chapters of what would become his first novel, No quiero soñar.



Juan Tallón (Ourense, 1975) graduated in Philosophy from the University of Santiago de Compostela. He practised journalism, but he learned his lesson. He just writes in a magazine when he feels like it, nothing serious. Juan collaborates with: Jot Down, La Lamentable, Vozed and Rustling Magazine. He is the author of the novels A pregunta perfecta (o caso Aira-Bolaño) and  Fin de poema, both in Galician. El váter de Onetti will be his third work of fiction and the first in Spanish.

Matias Crowder autor de Letras Propias


Matias Crowder (La Plata, Buenos Aires, 1973), graduated in Social Communication, has been introduced to the world of letters through photojournalism in Argentina. He has collaborated with print media in South America and Europe, has been awarded the National Prize of Stories “Jose Saramago” (2009, Madrid) and the University of Barcelona Award (2010, Barcelona). In 2010 she published the novel En el tren, Ediciones Albores, and in 2013 La Duna, Editions La Discreta.
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Rafael Herrero is a film and radio scriptwriter, he wrote and directed several TV shows like the cultural program of TVE ‘La Mandrágora’. Rafel has published several short theater plays; Desde aquí se ve el mar (Edit. AATT), Dicen que a veces pasa (Edit. AATT) and Los niños soldados (Edit. AATT). He is the author and stage director of the following works: Apaga a luz (premiere at the Centro Cultural de la Villa de Madrid), Al Escondite (premiere at the Ateneo de Madrid) and Estudias o trabajas (written in colaboration with Jorge Díaz. Premiere at the Centro Cultural de la Villa de Madrid). In 2010 Rafael won the KUTXA San Sebastián City Award with the theatre play No me hagas daño, published by Editorial Alberdania.

RC Brian


R. C. Brian (Montevideo, 1970). He has contributed to several books, as RBA and Altaya. In 1992 he wrote El Autoretrato y otros relatos. Since then, he has combined gaming activities like a scriptwriter, with collections of fascicles editor like Rock, Cine de Aventuras, Camiones de antaño, Paul Newman Collection, El Mississippi, Soldados de la Edad Media, Taxis del mundo. In 2005 he published Los 100 mejores pilotos de Fórmula 1, with Cahoba  editions, which sold over ten thousand copies.



Roser Pros (El Vendrel, 1971) graduated in Humanistic Studies and she also studied Politic Sciences and Communication. In 1986, she started working in local communication media. There, she did managerial tasks and she collaborated as a radio and TV presenter in programs like Baix Penedés or Diari del Baix Penédes. Nowadays, she works in some media and she writes commercial articles. She usually collaborates in a digital magazine (www.nuvol.com) and she participates in several publications, both printed and digital. Besides, she is editor of De Humanitas, the University of Obertas’s digital magazine.

Roser is the author of El Baix Penedès (1994) and 125è aniversari del Cor d’Infants del Vendrell (2007) and she has participated in collective books: Calafell, el meu poble (1995) and Tarragona enamora (2011). Furthermore, she has a few blogs in which she usually writes about art and culture. These blogs have hundreds of visits every day.

sergio mira


Sergio Mira Jordán (Novelda, 1983) is a graduate in Hispanic Studies from the University of Alicante and Grado Medio Trumpet at the Conservatory “Mestre Gomis’ of his hometown. Since 1998 he published poems, articles and stories in various media, local and provincial. In 2012, the editorial Labyrinth Notebooks publishes  his thriller El asesino del pentagrama. Sergio also co-writes the screenplay for the film Una de piratas.

Yanet Acosta por Diana Fys 


She’s a writer and journalist, author of  El chef ha muerto and coordinator and founder of the gastronomy fanzine ‘enCrudo’. Yanet is a columnist for the Cadena Ser, in the section ‘Tinta de Calamar’, and she has worked with the newspapers ‘El Mundo’, ‘El País’ y ‘Público’. Also she has colaborated in the national magazines ‘Sobremesa’, ‘Spain Gourmetour’, ‘Distribución and Consumo’, and ‘El Gastronómico’, and the International magazines ‘Status’ (Brasil) and ‘Mundo Gastronómico’ (México). Yanet founded the Course of Culinary and Nutrition Journalism at the University Complutense of Madrid, who has run for three years.

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