Carlos Luria

Carlos Luria

Carlos Luria (Barcelona, 1962) is a journalist and radio and television scriptwriter. He has worked with, amongst others, Luis del Olmo, Gemma Nierga and Andreu Buenafuente. In 2002 he won a Premio Ondas de Radio (Radio Wave Award) for his screenplay Entrevista a Gaudí (Interview with Gaudí). Uno de los muertos (One of the dead) was his first novel (Temas de Hoy, 2010), and in 2013 he published a second, this time under a pseudonym. He is currently a professor in Novela del Laboratori de Lletres de Barcelona. 



Title: El hidalgo que nunca regresó

Synopsis: Madrid, 1614. A mysterious young man from Barcelona attends the meeting of Miguel de Cervantes, almost a septuagenarian. He takes board in the solitary inn where the writer has a habit of working: at this time he is locked in the second part of “Don Quixote”. Rocamaura, presents the young man to Cervantes, who comes to bring an object of vital importance, but before handing it over the writer should tell you everything that happened during his stay in Barcelona more than forty years ago. Cervantes, surprised, is reluctant and mocking, but curiosity gets the better of him and finally he agrees to the deal.

 Barcelona, ​​June 1570. A young Miguel de Cervantes arrives on foot in Barcelona. He is exhausted. It has taken several weeks to get from Madrid, where he has hastily fled after seriously wounding the military man Antonio Sigura in a sword duel: as a result, King Philip II has signed an order demanding the writers capture. In Barcelona, ​​Cervantes is captivated by the fascinating spectacle of the San Juan festivities, the celebrations and the bonfires, invading squares, streets and beaches. But the fugitive cannot forget to watch his back, for the Royal Guard Sheriff Matthew Sigura, cousin of the master builder and former soldier of the los Tercios (The Thirds), has vowed to avenge Antonio Sigura’s death. What Cervantes does not know is that the ex-soldier has offered a small fortune to the boat captains and persecutors to give news of the fugitive.

Title: Las aventuras de Óscar en los países secretos

(Collection of children’s books)

Carlos Lúria offers us an imaginary world, accessing countries until now unknown. Places where Oscar – the protagonist of this adventure series and a book peddler- through his imagination and ingenuity solves the most diverse of situations that he comes across on his travels.

Currently Las aventuras de Óscar en los países secretos is made up of four titles:


Oscar is an eleven-year-old son of a bookseller whose father disappeared years ago. He lives in a remote village, it is not known exactly where. To help his mother he decides to become a book pedlar with his horse Tinta (who only eats pizza), when he comes across a car in the barn of his home. Upon speaking with his mother he discovers that the car is a family heirloom that had been left unused and holds magical properties: it allows you to go to countries that do not appear on maps, in fact, that’s how many years ago, one day, after a trip to the Secret Countries, his father disappeared. Oscar decides to run away with the car, sell books and try to find his father. The first country he visits is “Gandulandia” where the inhabitants are having problems with an ogre. They no longer know what to do, until Oscar comes up with an imaginative solution.


Oscar arrives in Blablablás. Everything seems normal, until he realises that everyone speaks only through their mobiles. He tries to engage in conversation with some people, but they silence him with energetic gestures, proving that they are not deaf. Oscar calls the town council. He meets the mayor, who informs him (through mobile) that because of a curse, the blablablás, you can only communicate by phone. The cause of this spell is a witch. Oscar meets her, where she presents a challenge: ten questions. If successful, blablablás will be rid of the curse. If he fails only one question, the Witch will get Tinta and the cart of books. Oscar passes the test, but not without suffering several setbacks.


Oscar comes across a woman on the road. The woman is crying inconsolably. She tells him her story: she fell into a bucket full of pulp, and from then on she could talk to the characters in her books: long and funny conversations with Aladdin, Captain Haddock, Moby Dick, Harry Potter, Dracula, and many more. But she got older, she went to university, but had no time to study, and then split up with her boyfriend and forgot her power. And now she’s sad because she doesn’t know how to recover it and fears that she has lost it forever. Oscar, with excitement, offers her a surprising solution: he gives her a notebook and pen to write all those wonderful conversations down, they become a book.


Oscar arrives in the country 197. The country is called Bufandia. Because it is a very cold country, its inhabitants are always wearing gloves both inside and outside the home. This country has another peculiarity: there are no four-legged animals: no cats, no dogs, no horses, no squirrels, no cows … Where are the animals? They tell Oscar that one fine day these animals didn’t return. Oscar finds no solution to the puzzle, until he finds by chance, that when he tries to pet a small child: the child is frightened. After mulling over this for a long time, Oscar realises that the animals have gone because the citizens of Bufandia dis not know how to pat them: they lost their ability to stroke them, since they are always wearing gloves. Oscar advises them every day, for an hour, to remove their gloves and warm their hands to pet the animals.


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