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Daniel Gómez Visedo (Madrid, 1961) is a bachelor of laws by the “Autonomy University of Madrid”. He has completed his formation realizing marketing’s courses, big count’s management in United States, Britain, Holland and Spain. His professional activity has been developed in insurance sector, where he has alternated key account manager, business address, I+D direction and general direction’s responsibilities in diferents enterprises. He usually imparts training courses and he collaborates in media sector. Daniel has lived in Colombia, where he has headed the first banc assurance’s project in that country. Nowadays he is the Europe Assistance’s Business’ Director (Generali Group).



Looking for life intelligence signals in steering committee – behavior’s biological keys on the company

SynopsisThis is a book located between management and release. It offers a structured, rigorous and sometimes provocative view of the three most important scientific disciplines (evolution, endocrinology and neuroscience) which impact in our behavior on workplace turning their contributions to practical tips.

Currently this theme has a media relevance that is permanently in progress. News about nowadays’ scientific discoveries related with those disciplines are daily and published in general media because there is a strong knowledge’s request from readers. Recently President Obama has announced a decisive budgetary effort to unravel brain’s mysteries. Heading this project (called as BRAIN, Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies) there is a Spanish man, Rafael Yuste. The past February, the European Union announced his own project dedicated to brain’s studies.

This books’ public is not much wide. Although this is mainly oriented to all professional people related with companies’ world, clearly will also be interesting to any scientific divulgation’s lover.



  • 248 págs.
  • ISBN: 9788498753820

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