Daniel P. Espinosa

Daniel P Espinosa 3Daniel P. Espinosa (Madrid, 1973) was a finalist at IX Minotauro Novel Awards with Nekromanteia, this contemporary necromancy novel published by Dolmen Editorial (2013). He is a writer, corrector and professor in literary workshops. His other publications include the novel Aplaudan al salir (23 Escalones, 2012), and stories in several anthologies Leyendas Urbanas (Universo, 2013), Fantasmagoria (Tombooktu, 2013), No eres bienvenido (Pastilla roja, 2013), Peta Z (Sportula y Dolmen, 2013) Antología Z vol.6: Todos los santos (Dolmen, 2012) and Calabazas en el Trastero: Empresas (Saco de Huesos, 2012), among others in Madrid, Barcelona and Buenos Aires from 2003. He has also been published in magazines Artifex, Narrativas, El Humo (Méjico), NGC 3660 and Yambria. and has worked as comic book and radio novel writer.


Title: Nekromanteia, rituales de los muertos (Dolmen editorial)

Finalist at IX Minotauro Novel Awards 

Synopsis: “Anything that happens will be his fault. Even by running from what is haunting him, even if his only obsession is his dead lover. Everyone he knows will die, the dead will kill the living; Hell will get a little closer to Earth. Everything will be his fault. That’s why the necromancer must die”. 

The prophecies speak of the end of what exists. More and more dead people return quietly to their homes, terrorizing their families, or walk around town as if they were still alive. Loss, a practitioner of ancient necromancy that seeks to invoke the spirit of her suicide’s lover, discovers hellish rituals in these resurrections. A sect starts going after him as many spectra harass him. And someone already dead pursues him relentlessly, causing massacres through the city. In an attempt to save his soul, Loss initiates an irreversible journey towards some diabolic magic while the prophesized end is near.

  • 408 pg.
  • Spanish
  • ISBN: 9788415296928

 Translation rights available

Title: La santa maldita

Synopsis: A thousand years ago, Deus, a demon, loved a saint in a convent. He broke the serpent’s law, the law that guards the door between death and life, and he became a man. But now we are in 1513 and Deus must pay or he will go to the hell forever. There is a young woman, Lenna, who wants to help her Lord, Deus. At the same time, Lenna wishes to meet Christians God, a God that she sees in the visions of a burned woman. Therefore, she decides to run away.

Besides, a sorcerer who hates Deus will pursue him and the roads will be full of soldiers. Deus will run away and he will arrive to the Toledo’s basements. During hundreds of years, Deus has stayed there, trying to agree with warlocks and sorcerers, with the purpose of finding the serpent’s well before being condemned to hell.

Rights are available in any language.


Nekromanteia - Daniel P. Espinosacubierta-completa-reducida


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