How I can get more information about the services offered by Letras Propias? Check the various sections of our website www.letraspropias.com or send an email to info@letraspropias.com

What is the Editing service? The purpose of the Editing service is getting the maximum performance of the work. Making work more attractive to readers and making work more attractive for any Publisher and publishers who would publish the work. Letras Propias will analyze the author’s work (plot, conflict, characters, dialogues domain, denouement, dramatism, etc.), the agency will determine aspects that need improvement and will meet weekly with the author for the time needed (about two months on average) in person or by skype to go through the weak points the weak points of the work.

How much is the editing service? The price is determined by the length of the work. You can find the table of unit prices per page in the editing section of our website. The format of the works to determine the total price will be Arial, 12, spacing 1.5.

When will it be interesting for me to ask for an editing service? When you feel the need of a professional reviewer to advise you on improvements or corrections on your work to achieve an optimal structural performance and narrative. An easy way to know why publishers and other agents have refused to publish the work or work on it, and find a solution for it.

When will it be interesting for me to ask for a reading report? The Reading Report aims to assess the following points: conflict, characters, commercial valuation, weaknesses and strengths of the author. Through this report, the author gets to know the opinion of professionals in the edition of his work.

Is there any risk involved when sending my work to Letras Propias? The agency guarantees safekeeping of The documents we receive , and the confidentiality of the personal information provided.

Do I need to register my work before sending it? The register of your work is not necessary to send it, you can be sure that your work is in safe hands with us.

Although it is not a necessary, we always recommend the writers to register their works when they conclude, o finish it. (In Spain it is not necessary to register the works, the copyrights are generated by  the creation of the work.) You can register a work in the provincial delegation of the Intellectual Property Registry of your place of residence to ensure the protection of your rights against third parties.

What do I have to do to have Letras Propias assessing the representation of my work? You can find information about our valuation system in the section of our website representation. 

Why am I interested in a literary agency to represent me? The work of a literary agency is to represent the interests of the authors: we seek the most appropriate publisher, we advise the author in the negotiation of the contract, we take care of all the arrangements derived from compliance with the agreements established, We mediate the recruitment of translation rights with foreign publishing houses, and inthe case of Letras Propias, we work with the authors to get their full potential.

Do I lose the rights to my work if Letras Propias represents me? No, copyrights belong just to the author. The contract signed with Letras Propias grants the agency the power to, on behalf of the author, contract the rights of his work, the rights of translation into other languages​​, the management of literary awards and cinematographic rights.

What happens if my work is selected to be represented? It gives the writer the possibility of signing a a contract with the Agencia Literaria Letras Propias, who will represent from that point forward the author in the management of potential publishing contracts, translation and film adaptation of his work.

Letras Propias shall be available to advise the author on his needs and to review his work together if he or she desires it.

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