Juan S. Rada

Juan Rada

Juan S.Rada studied Information Science in the Complutense University of Madrid and he also graduated as a journalist at the University of Navarra.

He has been the director of two newspapers (El Telegrama de Melilla and El Noticiero de Cartagena) and a weekly, El Caso. He has also been the editor in chief of a newspaper in Murcia, Línea, and he has worked as editor in La Voz de Almería and La Voz de Castilla (Burgos). He has also worked in La Gaceta del Norte (Bilbao) and Diario de Navarra. Besides, he was the assistant manager of the Central Services of Social Media Estate and he has directed several magazines about socioeconomic and art.

For a few years, Juan has collaborated in a TV program, Cuarto Milenio (Cuatro). He has also participated in TV programs about thrillers and mystery in channels as, for example, TVE, 13 TV, Tele5, Telemadrid, La 10 or Onda 6. Moreover, he has participated in radio programs, especially in a program called Milenio 3 (Cadena SER).

Juan is the author of Crónica negra de la prostitución, Tras la huella del crimen, 60 aniversario de El Caso, Prensa: del Movimiento al Socialismo and Cita en La Manga. He has also written the script of some police TV movies.

Besides his successful in journalism, the Association of Graduates and Professionals in Criminology and Research has rewarded him with the Criminological Merit Badge and the Professional Merit Cross. Juan was founder and president of the Spanish National Writers Union in Murcia.


Tittle: Crónica negra de la prostitución

Synopsis: Every day a million and a half men search paid sex in Spain. This country is the first user of prostitution in Europe. It is a business that produces more than 18.000 million every year, most of it as undeclared income.

In this book, Juan shows us different aspects of this environment: brothels, corpses, unsolved murders and some neighbourhoods, including a Chinatown full of prostitutes and procurers and rich areas where prostitution is surrounded by a lot of money and famed people.

This is the first time in which a book joins a global vision about prostitution’s stories and murders committed around their environment. It is a world full of anonymous victims, traffickers, depraved men, serial killers and extorted, stolen and even killed clients.

Definitely, Juan offers us a dark and deep trip to the roots of vice and evil. He offers us incredible stories written in red and black.

(This work has been published in Spanish by T&B Editores (2014))

Tittle: 60 aniversario de El Caso

Synopsis: El Caso was the first events newspaper after the Civil War. It narrated news as black chronicles and social topics and it allowed the public to understand what was happening around them. Its pages were full of famous criminals, huge offenses and dark and evil behaviors.

In this big book Juan shows us the history of that exciting publication. It is an incredible journey through the past of El Caso using texts, photos, complete copies and covers full of surprising events, many of them accompanied by blood and mystery.

Crimes are a great mirror in which a country can see its history. Crimes say a lot about the criminal, but also about time and society in which they are committed. Because of that, El Caso is a huge testimony. It was a witness of a deep and real Spain, different from the official version that power wanted to tell.

(This work was published (2011) by Grupo Editorial 33)

Tittle: Tras la huella del crimen

Synopsis: This novel is full of disturbing disappearances, suffering women, murdered young people, human vampires, grim rituals, murderers, urban cannibalism and a lot of different diabolical evils. We use to know the victims, but we ignore almost all about the criminal who has avoided the punishment. Criminals are yet a mystery.

There are cases with no solution found and prescribed crimes surrounded by a lot of questions without answer. Thanks to new techniques and professionals, it appears the possibility to reopen these cases. They are a great radiography of the society and time in which they have been committed. Therefore, this book gathers fifty years of black chronicles and Spanish mysteries and it reflects the Spanish history of crime and journalism.

(This work was published (2011) in Spanish by T&B Editores).

Tittle: Prensa: del Movimiento al Socialismo

Synopsis: The history of the Spanish Public printing press is formed by fifty years of censorship and hard control. Newspapers belonging to the Movimiento were born during the Spanish Civil War and most of them worked thanks to the seizures that Franco’s people did to the losing part.

The National Delegation of Press and Propaganda turned into the principal editor of Spanish publications and one of the most important publishers in Europe. When democracy arrives, UCD and PSOE use it to get their private objectives. Finally, they privatized it but only because they wanted to connect it with groups with their same ideology. Spanish newspapers and especially journalists have been constantly manipulated by power and politics. This book exposes it.

(This work was published (1996) by Editorial Fragua)

Tittle: Cita en La Manga

Synopsis: La Manga is a narrow, sinuous and sandy isthmus with and exciting history and evolution. It started as a holiday Romans destiny but now, it is a big tourist attraction. This book, the first work published about La Manga, shows us how it was born, how it developed and how it became an incredible place with unusual characteristics. The book uses a plentiful collection of graphic material and discovers a wonderful place limited by a salt and iodinated lake whose water are beneficial to bathers and safe for boaters.

(This work was published (1978) by Ediciones 23/27)

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