Matías Crowder

Matias Crowder autor de Letras Propias

Matías Crowder (La Plata, Buenos Aires, 1973), graduated in Social Communication, has been introduced to the world of letters through photojournalism in Argentina.

He has collaborated with print media in South America and Europe, has been awarded the National Prize of Stories “Jose Saramago” (2009, Madrid) and the University of Barcelona Award (2010, Barcelona).

In 2010 he published the novel “En el tren”, Ediciones Albores, and in 2013 “La Duna”, Editions La Discreta.


La duna (Ediciones La Discreta)

la_duna_01-1Synopsis: A giant dune runs around the fields of Trenque Lauquen, a small town in the province of Buenos Aires, scorching the grass, crops, forcing many people to leave.

The dune is drawing on its journey an amazing figure, as if it had its own life, or whether some was guiding it. There are several ways to disable the dune; one way is to hunt like a wild beast, for which human ingenuity runs huge trap. The other way is supposed to be faster , but is more complex: it consists in understanding it.

Around the dune back and forth a diverse group of characters . In the desert we see Indians being decimated, soldiers fighting in exchange for arid lands, settler families who are facing doom and barbarism, determined priests…

The narrative skill and verbal power of this intrigue, make some parts of the story resonate in other, everything we see seems a symbol of something else, something that we do not see.

The dune, while a fascinating historical recreation, is a metaphor for the mystery of existence.

Title: El cuerpo de las palabras

Synopsis: In the mid XVII century, Spanish monks of the Order of the Franciscans made their way through the South American jungle founding the first Jesuit missions. They built the first printing of the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata to take the knowledge of the gospel to the aboriginal tribes. They melt bullets of the war that was plaguing the continent , to build the first types.

‘El cuerpo de las palabras’ narrates the events and stories surrounding this South American first printing throughout the centuries. The printing press drawn up by the Indians and the monks, passed from hand to hand in the midst of the turbulent history of Argentina.

Instrument of scribes, priests and  soldiers, those will be the great figures of history, lovers, poets and madmen. The types of printing will be returned to melt as projectiles to defend the invasion of Salta by the federal leader Felipe Varela.

‘El cuerpo de las palabras’ raises the power of the printed word, careful thought about writing.

Title: Un jardín para nosotros

Synopsis: It contains four stories of love in which, as an intimate portrait of the relationship between men and women, questions like: What is love?, Are we only transitional pieces in its game?, Do we destroy what we love? come to light

Loneliness, emptiness, the meaninglessness of human relationships live with hope, the promise of happiness, the platonic “love heart” and the excesses of sex, becoming the same game’s tokens.

Learn more about Matias in his web

Title: Frontera límite

Frontera límiteSynopsis: Vertigo and adrenaline are the two defining words of this book. Santi Corrella proposes us an overcoming message, a message about human limits and purposes, a message about body and mind power.

Santi Corella is a humble man who went into skydiving’s history because he was the first man who practices skydiving in North Pole and in South Pole. This is the most dangerous place to practice this sport in the entire world. Besides, he crossed the Strait of Gibraltar in “human fly” and he has got speed and distance’s records.

How can a man overcome his own limits? How can a man train his mind in order to face his challenges? In this book,

the reader will find not

only several extreme adventures but also a life’s philosophy that encourages men to know their fears and to overcome them.

It is not only about an adventure, it is about choosing challenge as a principle of life. Santi Corella looks for his limits in his adventures and when he crosses the line, he discovers that conformism is a trap. A limit is only the next challenge.

We live in a constant framework of decisions and in this framework, the absence of fear can help us to move on. With fear, insecurity and convenience, our dreams will never become truth.

Rights in all languages avaiable. 


La Duna - Matias CrowderFrontera límite


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