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Paco Gómez studied Industrial Engineering and he specialised in electronics. He has published his poems and stories in different anthologies and he has been finalist in several competitions. He visits most important Spanish thriller’s festivals and he has written in “La Gansterera”. Nowadays, he publishes articles on his personal blog: Culturamas: ( Besides, he is a musician and lyricist. At the present time, he plays the battery and he does Ochentaco’s chorus. Ochentacos is a Spanish music group that honors La Movida Madrileña. He also plays the guitar and he is the vocalist of Rock&Books, a group founded by three writer friends. They use to perform at literary events.

His two first novels, El círculo alquímico (2011) and Al otro lado (2012), has been considered as “Esoteric thriller” and they have been published by Ledoria editorial. Both novels were successful.

Paco changed with his third novel, Yonqui (2014, Erein editorial) and he wrote a hardboiled novel. The story happens in Cantillejas, his neighbourhood, a place in which he has located two new novels, still unpublished. He wants to create with them “The Cantilleja’s Trilogy”.  

Nowadays, he works as a teacher in a public school in Madrid.


Title: El círculo alquímico (ed. Ledoira 2011)

Synopsis: An old fresco appears in the chapel of San Ildefonso (Toledo’s Cathedral) during his restoration. Therefore, the Archiepiscopate calls to the Open University to ask for advice. Then, Carlos, a university professor, goes to the Cathedral and he starts to work in the chapel. Different characters appear in the novel and all of them are fascinated by the fresco. One of these characters is John Turner, a detective who works for a Mafioso of New York. John integrated in the team with dark intentions but then, he meets Reham and he falls in love. Reham is a friend of Carlos’s sister. At the same time, Carlos restores the fresco and everybody is fascinated by its beauty and symbolism. Thereafter, it starts an incredible trip which affects to every one of the characters. They go to Jerusalem and Cairo. Finally, they return to Toledo, the city that was the capital of the three cultures. After that, their lives will be different forever.

(This book has been published in Spanish. Rights are available for other languages)

Title: Al otro lado (ed. Ledoira 2012)

Synopsis: Carmen is a young journalist who decides to write a novel about the French Pow’s camps after the Civil War.She makes that decision because of his grandfather, who died in one of them. Fortunately, she has the support and help of his friend Juan Carlos. In order to write the novel, she meets with an estrange old man who assures that he met her grandfather. This meeting will change Juan Carlos and Carmen’s lives forever. The old man talks them about a medieval manuscript that a soldier gave him during his captivity. After that, Carmen decides to change the novel’s argument and to focus in the manuscript but both Carmen and Juan Carlos ignore that they already knew the old man.

Immersed in the documentation process, they will face with a huge number of lost memories and they will also face to their-selves and to their enemies. They will start a long trip and they will visit Burgos, Ireland and Madrid. There, they will find a magical house in which they will live incredible and totally unexpected experiences.

(This book has been published in Spanish. Rights are available for other languages)

Title: Yonki (ed. Erein 2014)

Synopsis: 1978, Canillejas (Madrid). “The Boots” is sixteen years old. His father is dying because of the alcohol and his brother, a junkie, died of hepatitis C time ago. His sister moved to a hippie commune in Ibiza when she was eighteen. “The Boots” lives with his mother, but she is a drunk who suddenly runs away with a neighbour.

“The Boots” comes from an immigrant family and he uses to walk around the neighbourhood with some of his friends: “The Rabbit”, “The Mechanic”, “The Pumby”, “The Batons” and “The Nani”. They live in an environment of crisis and they use to go against the system. They are offenders and their friends, “La Morritos”, “The Eared”, “La Trini” and “La Charo”, work as prostitutes, easing men’s instincts.

One day, “The Boots” discovers the music, he meets Lola and he falls in love. Soon, he changes his thinking and he tries to forget drugs and to live without crime and hopelessness. Will he succeed?

(This book has been published in Spanish, Editorial Erein. Rights are available for other languages)



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