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foto rafaRafael Herrero is a graduate in Information Sciences from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and a Diploma in Programming (Filmmaking and TV) from the Official School of the Spanish National Radio and Television (RTVE). He teaches screenwriting at the Official School of RTVE and the Institute of RTVE and in different courses and Masters for professionals and students in the Institute RTVE Officer at Complutense University and the School TAI (College of Arts and Entertainment).

As a film and radio scriptwriter, he wrote and directed several TV shows, including Cajón desastre, (series that lasted more than three years and was awarded a TP Award for two consecutive years) ‘Historias de music hall’, ‘El mismo día a la misma hora’ and ‘Lo tuyo es puro teatro’, also the documentary series ‘Fetiche y Autor’, ‘Una pasión’. Rafael was also the director of the cultural program of TVE ‘La Mandrágora’.

Rafael was head of TVE Dramatic Programation , stage in which he produced and selected, among others, shows as Media naranja, Platos rotos, Página de sucesos, Tristeza de amor, La voz humana, Régimen abierto and scripts of shows like Anillos de oro and El olivar de Atocha.

Rafel has published several short theater plays; ‘Desde aquí se ve el mar’ (Edit. AATT), ‘Dicen que a veces pasa’ (Edit. AATT) and ‘Los niños soldados’ (Edit. AATT). Rafael is the author of the book  TV drama series (IORTVE) and a study about the children’s theater (Edit. UNED).

He is the author and stage director of the following works: ‘Apaga a luz’ (premiere at the Centro Cultural de la Villa de Madrid), ‘Al Escondite’ (premiere at the Ateneo de Madrid) and ‘Estudias o trabajas’ (written in colaboration with Jorge Díaz. Premiere at the Centro Cultural de la Villa de Madrid).

In 2010 Rafael won the KUTXA San Sebastián City Award with the theatre play ‘No me hagas daño’, published by Editorial Alberdania.) This work premiered at the Teatro Principal of San Sebastian, in October 2010, and at the Spanish Theatre in Madrid in 2011. He also won the second Accesit of Rafael Guerrero Prize 2010 with the short theatre play Adiós Carmen. (Pending of Edition).

Rafael was granted the Olot City Award of screenplay (shared with Xavier Caballé and Iñigo Irizar), for the original program radio ‘Preguntas sin respuesta’, series broadcast on RNE.


La plaza del silencio

Synopsis: Chema is coming home. It is later than other days. Chueca’s square is empty. Suddenly, he hears a heartrending cry. He hides and he becomes a murder witness. He stays there and he doesn’t do anything. He feels as a coward.

He doesn’t call the police. Remorses pursue him and they become bigger when he discovers that the murder he saw wasn’t an isolated crime. Several people have been murdered in the neighbourhood because of their homosexuality.

At the same time Franco, the dictator, is dying and Chema tries to forget everything working in the theatre. In this environment, stages and reality are confused. But Chema can’t forget. He is obsessed with that night in Chueca.

The author writes a novel full of psychological stress and he also does a trip to the depths of human cowardly. This book removes everything and it tells us about emotions, friendship, impossible love, memory, hate and crime. It is also a trip to the childhood, a time in which everything was sample and easy. Ultimately, this novel is a trio that changes everyone of his characters and, maybe, it will be change the reader too.

Published in spanish by Editorial Alrevés. 352 pág. ISBN: 978-84-15900-40-5. 2014.

Rights in other languages avaible.


La plaza del silencio - Rafael Herrero57_Como_un_viento_helado_t


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